massive renovating going on!


Purple everything, yay!

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5099918030_09ae33a58b_b 1.  Purple Dye , 2.  floater , 3.  violet red: window and lace , 4.  Purple Robot , 5.  purple , 6. Crocheted necklace Purple corals , 7.  64 colors * blue violet , 8.  bounty , 9.  plum , 10.  feeding the goaties , 11.  dancing family , 12.  Welcome doorway , 13.  97/365 ………… Near dark , 14. purple hearts , 15.  Ice CreaM , 16.  gathering

In the meantime enjoy this mosaic related to the color of the year! First thing next week I’ll share some pictures from other tiny house makers, and send out an email to all the participants just to check in.

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‘death makes life more meaningful’ – +44

Journal-written blog post from 2/19/14.

I was reminded tonight, by a loyal/regular customer turned acquaintance- hell, I’d even go so far as to say friend- just how short life can be… His sister died in a bad weather-related car accident this past Sunday night. He said they were close. He is taking it really well from what I could glean just in chatting with him for a bit, but it sounds like everyone loved his sister very much. A friend/barista from the coffee stand his sister used to frequent called him up and shared some memories of her, he told me. We also talked a little about the memorial service that will be happening, as well as the tattoos he will be getting in her memory.

Tell the people who matter to you that you love and appreciate them. No time is too soon to say it, but any time could be too late.


‘Chasing The Sun’ – Sara Bareilles

I’m also so glad that M and I can go and DO things together… Real activities. Skiing, biking, yoga. You only get one life, why spend it attached to your electronics or cooped up inside watching bad television, breathing stale air all the time? (Yes, that’s okay sometimes and in moderation, in my world, but still.) He has taught me a lot more about taking care of yourself and being fit and healthy… But mostly about not being a chronic ball of negative energy. It’s much less draining to be more positive.

I’ve read some good quotes lately- usually seen as a typeface written over a photo… This one in particular caught my eye; it’s fitting and I feel it should be applied as a life lesson in everyone’s life…

Become Your Dreams.

Become Your Dreams.

To tie into what I wrote above, anything- good or bad- can happen in one day, one moment, an instant. That’s all it takes and we, as humans, need to realize that more often… NOT just when tragedy occurs. What if tomorrow never comes?

Just one day...

We need to make our own mark on the world, be heard while we can, and do what we love- to have led and lived a full and truly meaningful life. Focus on the good in life and the world, eliminate the negativity, not yelling and screaming about what you dislike/hate, but encouraging and promoting all the things you love and are excited to share with the world, no matter what it may be, and no matter what criticism it may receive. We all will be criticized for what we love in our lives, often times much more than once… But to come out from behind the harsh remarks and stand up against them- using them to make yourself a better, stronger person- THAT is what living positively is about, for the most part. Become immune to negativity like water rolling from a duck’s feathers. I know it’s a challenge in this ‘day and age’, this society, but we have to try. Don’t let your head make things seem so dire and serious all the time. It’s okay to fail and be wrong. Take a deep breath… Be daring. Be brave enough. Go outside, get some fresh air! Drink some more water, you chronically dehydrated people out there like me, and start living your one beautiful, amazing life.

Light, love, truth, beauty, peace. Namaste. (:

Everything and nothing.

City – Sara Bareilles

I have things to say, things I’ve already written on paper… And no motivation to write them tonight. Just got to M’s house. Maybe I’ll find inspiration here. Xo

Just some songs…

What I’m listening to today.

i just want you – sara bareilles

eavesdrop – the civil wars

hercules – sara bareilles

wide open inside – graham colton

grey – ani difranco

dead in the water – ellie goulding

Gratitude and giving thanks.

I know it’s cliché to talk about all the things you are thankful for and appreciate during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, but I believe that it’s deeper than that. It’s this season that opens your eyes to being thankful and grateful… Maybe it’s this season that can remind you to give yourself permission to slow down and breathe. Or maybe it’s one that can bring back a sense of wonder and beauty into your life. Regardless of what this season means to you and can bring to your table… How it can settle your own well-being and self… I have a small, but personal list of things that I am so so grateful for. Not just for this season, but hopefully for many seasons to come.

A warm house, and roof over my head; good health; a wonderful, loving man that I call my boyfriend, even though he is so much more than that; both M and I’s amazing families (near and far); my beautiful brave friends, close and not-so-close; music- of all kinds… As well as my job and new car that I am so glad to have.

Thanks also to those folks out there that read my blog. I appreciate you.


Hallo-weiner. Ha.

Thursday. Halloween.

Well, it’s not Halloween anymore as I write this, but I count my days as when I go to sleep from that morning. I worked what felt like a very long day – busy, but only slightly long – on around 5-6 hours of sleep… After working roughly 10 hours the day before. At least my next check will look nicer. Lack of sleep and working too hard for what I get paid sucks though. I was feeling off all day today, and am still pretty tired even after my inadvertent 2.5 hour nap after work. I slept through roomies coming and going, a couple of trick-or-treaters, AND the party I was supposed to go to – even though I don’t have anything resembling or that can resemble a costume still. My boxes for my closet are still a mess… (Read: not all unpacked.)

Rent is due tomorrow, renter’s insurance, too… I have to go to the post office, go find more printer ink somewhere… And make my way through tomorrow’s ab workout! Yikes.

I have the tattoo bug and the love bug, and together, those have the potential to not be a very good combination, but I am also not a stupid individual… MORE (non-relationship-related) INK PLEASE! Miki at Indian Creek Tattoo, anyone? (:

I’m kind of missing M tonight, partly because I am overtired and mentally tired too. Being around him is just easy. It doesn’t matter how I’m feeling, really… There’s never any judgement (poking fun, yes) (; but never harsh and never judgmental. His whole family is like that, and I love them dearly for it.

I really can’t stay awake any longer… Goodnight loves. Happy Halloween!!
Here’s to having a costume and doing something next year. xo